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Entrance for Triangle Studio Stavanger 

Tjuvholmveien 58B

4007 Stavanger

Text ONLY to 92 98 52 33

Triangle Studio Stavanger Inngang.png


Helpful information

for 1st time you visit us! 

Dansetimer Stavanger Instructions.005.jpeg


We give all our clients our 100% focus when they are with us.


For that reason, please find the 58B entrance and wait before class in the reception area provided for you.


The staff who work here want to make things super nice for you.

The class before you will be finishing, & each teacher may be preparing the room and need a little quiet preparation time!

We will not let anyone

in to class through the

sea side glass door.

Dansetimer Stavanger Instructions_edited.jpg


Plan how you walk, cycle or drive.

Parking is by arrangement Please VIPPS  

25 KR to 



Dansetimer Stavanger Instructions.002.jpeg

Sangtimer Stavanger (by the Sea) 

Tjuvholmveien 58 B



The closest Parking
*by arrangement

To use the closest car park, Please VIPPS  

25 Kto Innseilingå nr.6 


 every time you park, then they are happy to give us that privilege.

In the next slide you will also see that you can park higher up and simply walk down?

Screenshot 2023-02-27 at 15.09.45.png
2023 QR.jpeg
Image 27-02-2023 at 15.11.jpeg

How to walk down from above..

You can cut through the apartment buildings from above by walking on the path by the childrens' play area. When you get to the sea, turn left! 

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